Digital Human Market Overall Presents a Strong Growth Trend

Digital human isalso known as virtual human, virtual image, virtual digital human, etc. Itrefers to the digital image that exists in the non-physical world and is builtbased on CG technology and artificial intelligence technology and is close tohuman image. It has the appearance, behavior, and characteristics of anthropoidor real person, can carry on natural dialogue and interaction, and has certa

With the Support of Policies, the Localization Process of Medical and Aesthetic Devices in China Has Been Accelerated

Medical beautyinstruments refer to instruments, equipment, utensils, in vitro diagnosticreagents and calibrators, materials and other similar or related articlesdirectly or indirectly used in the human body, medical instruments for therepair and remolding of human appearance and the shape of various parts of the humanbody. In the whole medical beauty equipment, photoelectric beauty is the mostpopu

China Has Become the World\'s Fastest Growing Market for 3.0T MR

Magnetic resonanceimaging (MR), also known as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), is a device thatuses magnetic resonance signals of atomic nuclei in water molecules in thehuman body in a strong magnetic field to image tissues and organs. Magneticresonance imaging system is mainly composed of magnet, spectrometer, gradient,radio frequency, computer and image processing system five parts. Each part i

As Power Management Chip Becomes More High-end and Smarter, Its Price Is Picking Up

Belongs to the oanalog chip, the power management chip is the electrical energy supply heart ofelectronic equipment. It can realize the transformation of electric energy,distribution, detection and other electric energy management chip in theelectronic equipment system. The power management chip is a key component of electronicequipment, which performance has a direct impact on the performance and

Focus on the Breakthrough of Photoresist Raw Material Localization

Photoresistis also called the photoresist, is a kind of organic compounds is verysensitive to light, photochemical reaction will be available in lithographysystem after diffraction, filtering of optical information is converted intochemical energy, and template will mask graphics transferred to the substrate,is an important step in precision electronic components manufacturingprocesses, photoresis

Titanium Alloy will Continue to Penetrate in the Field of Consumer Electronics in the Future, and Domestic Polishing Equipment Manufacturers are Expected to be Benefited

Basedon Apple\\'s patent portfolio and the already released Apple Watch Ultra, the useof titanium alloy in the middle frame could be one of Apple\\'s next generationinnovations.

ChatGPT Ushered in a New Era of Human-computer Interaction and Accelerated Commercialization of Humanoid Robots

With the developmentof ChatGPT API, commercial applications are expected to be expanded andexisting productivity tools are expected to be revolutionized. On theapplication side, general artificial intelligence application fields, such asservice robots (including medical robots), humanoid robots and other fieldswill be further developed. The chatbot ChatGPT developed by OpenAI is based ona powerful

Due to the Late Start, the Baked Goods Market in China Is Less Than that in Europe and the United States, but Its Market Space is Wide

Baked food refersto flour, yeast, salt, sugar and water as the basic raw materials, adding anappropriate amount of oil, milk, eggs, additives, and so on, through a seriesof technological methods of baked food. Baked goods havealways been the mainstream breakfast and staple food in European and Americancountries. In comparison, the development of baking industry in China isrelatively short. At the

The Domestic Aseptic Packaging Industry Represented by new Jufeng Ushered in Development Opportunities

Aseptic packaging industrytechnology and food safety requirements are higher, the downstream customercertification is strict, need to have large-scale production capacity, so theindustry barriers are high. Industrial chain: upstream for base paper, PE andother bulk materials, the main downstream application of liquid milk at roomtemperature. The downstream of aseptic packaging industry is mainly d

With the Development of Automobiles to Intelligent, Networked and Electric, the Demand for Automobile Electronics Will Also Increase

Automotiveelectronics is the general term for vehicle body electronic control device andvehicle electronic control device. It is an electronic control system composedof sensors, microprocessors, actuators, electronic components and theircomponents. The most important role of automotive electronics is to improve thesafety, comfort, economy and entertainment of automobiles. The degree ofautomobile e

As the Largest Rail Transit Construction Market, China Has the Largest Demand for Shield Tunneling Machines

Shield tunnelingmachine (shield tunneling machine) is a kind of tunnel tunneling specialengineering machinery. Modern shield machine integrates mechanical, electrical,hydraulic, optical, sensing, information technology in one, with excavationcutting soil mass, conveying ballast, assembly tunnel lining, measurementorientation correction and other functions, involving geology, civil,mechanical, mech

With a Lot of Users, Stationery Market Will Develop Towards High-end and Green in the Future

Stationery usuallyrefers to various tools used for office, study and other purposes. In recentyears, the global stationery market has remained stable. In 2021, the globalstationery market reached 192 billion US dollars, an increase of 2.40 billionUS dollars and a year-on-year growth of 1.3%. Due to the combinedeffects of birth rate, aging population, national education investment, thepopularity of

Cloud Computing Is a Major Change and an Inevitable Trend in the Development of Information Technology

Cloud computing is a kind of service related to information technology, software and the Internet. Its core is to provide users with fast and secure services and data storage based on the Internet. In essence, cloud computing is a way of sharing resources and services. On the cloud computing platform, hardware resources, network and application environment can be allocated and called anytime, anyw

With Many Users, Two-wheeled Electric Vehicles Will Develop to High Quality, Intelligent and Personalized in the Future

The electrictwo-wheeled vehicle is a two-wheeled vehicle with an onboard battery as anauxiliary energy source, which can realize the function of electric assist orelectric drive. Before the implementation of the new national standard,electric bicycles usually refer to as electric two-wheelers, but the newnational standard on electric two-wheelers for a clear classification,according to different i

Market Concentration of Chinese Cement Industry May Increase Further

Cement is a kind of powder hydraulic cementing material, which is mixed with water into plastic slurry and can cement sand, stone and other materials and can be hardened both in air and water. According to the different use and performance, cement can be divided into general cement, special cement and characteristic cement three types. General purpose cement is the cement used in civil engineering

Consumer Electronic Products Update and Iteration Fast, Leading Intelligent, Convenient, Integration Demand to Intensify

Consumer electronics refers to electronic devices available for everyday use by consumers, usually featuring advantages such as compact, lightweight, easy to operate and energy-saving design. The use of consumer electronics has increased the convenience of life, enriched the daily entertainment life, and improved the quality of life. It has become an important part of people\'s life.

In Recent Years, the Leisure Snack Market is Booming, and the Users Show a Younger Trend

Leisure foodmainly refers to packaged food, a category of fast-moving consumer goods,besides the staple food that people eat at leisure and rest. It mainly includesbaking food manufacturing, candy, chocolate and honey cutting manufacturing,convenience food manufacturing, canned food manufacturing, agricultural andsideline product processing, meat products and by-products processing,vegetables, fun

Construction Machinery Industry in China Will Enter the Green, Digital New Track in the Future

All the mechanical equipment necessary for earth and rock construction projects, pavement construction and maintenance, mobile lifting handling and unloading operations and various construction projects are called construction machinery. Common construction machinery includes excavator, forklift, loader, grader, roller, crane, roadheader and high-altitude working car, etc. They are widely used in

Chinese Household Appliance Enterprises Are Accelerating the Transformation to Middle High-end

According to data released by Household Appliances Association of China, the main business revenue of China\\'s home appliance industry reached $26.92 billion in 2022, up 1.1% year on year, thanks to the acceleration of the transformation of home appliance enterprises to the middle and high-end. The total profit reached $21.82 billion, up 19.9% year on year. According to other data, several subcat

The Upstream and Downstream of the Optical Communication Industry Chain are Expected to Benefit from the Intensified "Light Pursuit Action"

Industry and information technology announced at a press conference of The State Council on March 1 that it will carry out the Gigabit optical network "light Pursuit action" to strengthen cross-industry, cross-enterprise and cross-regional network collaborative innovation and support the transformation of traditional industries to digital, networked and intelligent. Small and medium-sized cities a

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