Global Farnesene Market Size is Expected to Grow to $2265.15 Million by 2028

Global Farnesene Market Overview

According to Global Market Monitor, the global farnesene market size was$2167.33 million in 2023 and is expected to grow to $2265.15 million by 2028.Farnesene, a 15-carbon terpene, is used as a precursor for a wide variety of commercial molecules and naturally occurs in cannabis and many other plants. Most commonly found in fruit coatings like apple skins. There are two different types of farnesene, both of which can be found naturally in many plants and herbs, including the rinds of fruit.

Farnesene can be used in manufacturing nutraceuticals such as Vitamin E. In the polymers & adhesives sector, farnesene can be applied in a wide variety of adhesives for its tailored properties. It can be used as a solvent and lubricant. The β-farnesene is used in the production of liquid farnesene rubber (LFR) and farnesene-based elastomers. Farnesene is widely used in the cosmetics industry, including cosmetics, flavors, and fragrances. Among them, the nutrition industry occupies the largest market share, at 32.46% in 2023.

Global Farnesene Market Size

Continuous Innovation is One of the Enduring Trends of the Farnesene Industry.

Due to its unique properties, farnesene can be used in several high-growth applications. For example, it is used in transportation fuels, high-performance polymers, lubricants, flavorings, fragrances, vitamins, sweetener ingredients, and other products. Companies should continually develop new products or technologies that take into account the full range of downstream customer experiences. One of the trends in the farnesene industry at this stage is the successful commercialization of farnesene through continuous innovation and expansion of farnesene applications. In addition, market expansion is part of the development strategy. Farnesene firms can take expansionary steps to expand sales of existing products by entering new markets.

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Amyris Brasi (DSM)


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DSM is a purpose-led global science-based company in Nutrition, Health, and Sustainable Living. DSM and Amyris have closed the transaction for the sale of Amyris Brasil to DSM and the establishment of a long-term manufacturing partnership for Amyris’s high-volume products. Amyris Brasil provides integrated renewable products. The Company

offers bioscience solutions that convert plant sugar into hydrocarbon molecules.

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