The Photovoltaic and Semiconductor Industries Continue to Develop, Which Has an Important Driving Effect on the Vacuum Pump Market

The vacuum pump isthe main type of vacuum acquisition equipment. It is a device or equipment thatuses mechanical, physical and chemical methods to extract gas from the vesselto obtain a vacuum, which is often used to obtain, improve and maintain thevacuum environment. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food,electronics and other downstream industries.

Subsidies Withdraw, China’s New Energy Vehicle Market Development Is Facing a Major Test

New energy vehicles are an important innovation in the automobile industry. In recent years, our new energy vehicle development momentum is strong,which has developed rapidly in the model supporting, technology research and development and consumer market. Becides, new energy vehicles have made breakthroughs in the field of enterprise, technology and market. The proportion of new energy vehicles i

At the Beginning Stage, Intelligent Connected Automobile Industry of China Will Grow at a Considerable Scale and Speed in the Future

Intelligentconnected vehicle is an organic combination of the Internet of vehicles andintelligent vehicles. Equipped with advanced sensing systems, control systemsand decision-making systems, it can connect to the Internet of vehiclesplatform. At the same time, new technologies such as 5G and artificialintelligence will be used to share and exchange information between vehiclesand people, roads an

The Demand for High-purity Quartz Sand Is Expected to Reach 141,000 tons in 2024

High purity quartz sand refers to the high purity of SiO₂, and the content of impurity elements is very low quartz and its products. High purity quartz sand is not a kind of mineral, but a product purified by granite quartz, gangue quartz, natural crystal and other ores as raw materials. Due to the gradual depletion of natural crystal resources, it is the mainstream production process of the ind

With the Development of the Internet, Third-party Payment is Large in Scale for the Convenience

Third-partypayment refers to the fund transfer service between payer and payee provided bynon-financial institutions as the payment intermediary between merchants andconsumers. According to different business types, the market segments ofthird-party payment include bank card receipt, online payment, prepaid cardissuance and acceptance. In 1999, the firstthird-party payment enterprise was born in C

China Relies Heavily on the Import of Instruments and Meters, so the Supply of High-end Domestic Products Needs to be Strengthened

Instruments andmeters belong to the machinery and equipment industry, which is an importanttool for the development of science and technology, with automatic control,alarm, signal transmission and data processing functions. Instruments arewidely used in industry, agriculture, transportation, science and technology,environmental protection, national defense, culture, education and health.

Optical Components for Smartphones Account for More Than 70% of the Entire Market

Optical componentsare the main apparatus in optical systems using optical principles for variousobservation, measurement, analysis and recording, information processing, imagequality evaluation, energy transmission and conversion, such as lenses, filters,beam splitters, polarizers, waveplates, prisms, etc. Data from OpticalComponents and Instruments Branch and China Optical Opto-Electronics Indust

The Great Demand for Photovoltaic Silver Paste in China Has Accelerated the Process of Its Localization

Photovoltaicsilver paste belongs to a kind of electronic conductive paste, which is amixture of high purity silver powder (conductive phase), glass oxide (bondingphase), organic resin organic solvent (organic carrier), after stirring, threeroll rolling to form a uniform paste. Photovoltaic silver paste accounts for87% of the total demand for silver paste. In the cost composition, silverpowder to a

The Output of Phosphate Fertilizer Has Decreased Obviously in Recent Years

Phosphorus fertilizer is one of the three basic fertilizers, which is closely related to the development of agriculture. The effect of phosphorus fertilizer depends on the available content of phosphorus fertilizer, soil properties, fertilization methods, crop types and so on. Rational application of phosphorus fertilizer can increase crop yield, improve crop quality, accelerate tillering and prom

China Has a Large Number of Game Players and a Rapidly Growing Game Market, Driving the Process of Independent Game Development

With thecontinuous growth of China's GDP and the gradual improvement of people's life,spiritual and cultural needs have become the main needs of people nowadays. Onlinegames have become one of the main ways of leisure and entertainment forcontemporary people, so the market scale of online games has been expanding.The demographic dividend brought by the Internet provides the first stage ofsupport f

Domestic Substitution Has accelerated, the Future Share of Chinese Electronic Special Gas Enterprises Is Expected to Increase

Electronic special gas, which is prepared by separation, purification and mixing of gas and chemical raw materials. It is one of the important raw materials in the electronics industry. Electronic special gas is mainly used in traditional industries such as metallurgy, chemical industry and machinery manufacturing, as well as emerging industries such as integrated circuit, liquid crystal panel, so

As the Largest Producer of Chemical Fibers, China Has a Strong International Competitive Advantage

Chemical fibersare fibers with textile properties made from natural polymer compounds orsynthetic polymer compounds as raw materials, through the preparation ofspinning stock, spinning and post-treatment processes. At present, China hasbecome the world\\'s largest producer of chemical fibers. The chemical fiber industryhas become an industry with international competitive advantages in China andis

Trends as BYOD, CYOD, WFH, BFSI are Strongly Driving the SOC-as-a-Service Market

SOC-as-a-Serviceis a subscription or software-based service to bypass the latest securitythreats in the cyber world. A SOC (Security Operations Center) is a facilitythat houses a security team to monitor and protect the security posture of anorganization. These centers have security analysts and engineers who overseesecurity operations using sophisticated procedures and analytical tools.

The Number of Patients with Diabetes is Increasing Globally, and the Demand for L-carnitine-related Drugs is on the Rise

L-carnitine, also known as transliterated carnitine, is an amino acid that converts fat into energy. Red meat is a major source of L-carnitine. L-carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid substance in the human body. It has the function of transporting fat to mitochondria and accelerating the burning and decomposition of fat, so as to enable consumers to lose weight and slim down without any s

Public Awareness of Disinfection Promotes the Silver-based Antibacterial Agent Market, but It Is Limited by High Price

Because silver hasan adsorption effect on microorganisms in the liquid, when they are adsorbed bysilver, the enzymes that act as respiration lose their efficacy and themicroorganisms quickly die. Silver ions are particularly potent bactericidal,killing most bacteria in water with as little as two-millionths of a milligramper litre. More than half of the world's airlines already use silver waterfil

Bactericide is a Major Use of Pine Oil, and the Epidemic Has Stimulated Its Market

Pine oil is anessential oil obtained by steam distillation from the stumps, needles, shoots,and cones of various pine trees, especially camphor pine. It is usuallydistinguished by the amount of alcohol content, expressed as a percentage,commonly 50% pine oil, 65% pine oil, and 85% pine oil. In 2021, these threetypes of pine oil accounted for a market share of 18.87%, 35.03%, and 27.96%,respectivel

Gobal Industrial Connector Market will Grow Steadily, with Most Countries Focusing on Low-end Products and Import SSubstitution Products

Industrial connectors are specially designed tobuild a strong Ethernet connection in harsh environment, providing reliable andpluggable transmission of power, signals and data.

Prefabricated Bathroom Pods are Both Convenient and Cost Effective, with a Wide Range of Commercial Applications and a Gradually Opening Market

Prefabricatedbathroom pods are fully functional bathrooms that are particularly well-suitedfor commercial applications. The key difference between it and a regularbathroom is that it is designed and built off-site, rather than on atraditional construction site as part of a building project. Bathroom pods arebuilt as a complete unit in an off-site factory, then fully tested and fittedwith all the r

With Obvious Technological Changes, Coaxial Cable Faces the Threat of being Replaced

Coaxialcable is one of the most common transmission media in the LAN. It refers to thecable with two concentric conductors, and the conductor and the shield layershare the same axis. The most commontype of coaxial cable consists of a copper conductor separated by an insulatingmaterial. Outside the inner layer of insulation is another ring conductor andits insulator, and then the entire cable is co

China\'s Growing Demand for Cold Drawn Bars Will Remain Stable in the Future

The cold drawn baris cold-deformed by reducing the diameter of the die to the wire and cutting tothe required length of the cold-finished product after various controls. It isaccomplished by pulling the bar through a die that is smaller in size than a hot-rolledone. This process achieves the calibration of the wire to the desired diameter.A wide range of wires can then be obtained and the increase

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