The Upstream and Downstream of the Optical Communication Industry Chain are Expected to Benefit from the Intensified "Light Pursuit Action"

Industry and information technology announced at a press conference of The State Council on March 1 that it will carry out the Gigabit optical network "light Pursuit action" to strengthen cross-industry, cross-enterprise and cross-regional network collaborative innovation and support the transformation of traditional industries to digital, networked and intelligent. Small and medium-sized cities and remote rural areas should achieve balanced development of information and communication networks, and promote the construction of "broadband border areas" and cloud networks in small and medium-sized cities, so that modern information technology can benefit the people. With the promotion of Gigabit optical network "light pursuit action", the upstream and downstream optical communication industry chain is expected to fully benefit. Optical communication industry chain upstream is optical chips and optical components; In the middle of the industry chain are optical modules, optical cables and optical equipment; Downstream of the industry chain is the data communication market and telecommunications market.

In the field of optical equipment, Huawei, ZTE and Fiberhome occupy almost half of the global market share; In the field of optical fiber and cable, since 2014, China\'s demand for optical fiber and cable accounts for about 50% of the world, and its supply accounts for nearly 60% of the world. China\'s optical device and module manufacturers reached a milestone in 2021: the top 10 suppliers in China surpassed their Western competitors in sales revenue. In addition, six of the TOP10 global optical module suppliers are Chinese, accounting for half of the world\'s total.

Zhongji Xuchuang is the world\'s leading supplier of optical modules for data centers. It is located in the leading position of the first echelon of optical modules. It integrates the R&D, design, packaging, testing and sales of high-end optical communication transceiver modules, and provides cloud data center customers with high-speed optical modules such as 100G, 200G, 400G and 800G. We provide high-end overall solutions of 5G forward, middle and return optical modules for telecom equipment business customers, as well as optical transceiver for backbone and core networks. At the same time, the company continues to expand the optical module market at home and abroad, and the product market share has been growing continuously, maintaining the leading advantage in shipments and market share in the industry.

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