As Power Management Chip Becomes More High-end and Smarter, Its Price Is Picking Up

Belongs to the o analog chip, the power management chip is the electrical energy supply heart of electronic equipment. It can realize the transformation of electric energy, distribution, detection and other electric energy management chip in the electronic equipment system. The power management chip is a key component of electronic equipment, which performance has a direct impact on the performance and reliability of the whole machine. Once the power management chip fails, the electronic equipment will stop working or even be damaged. The power management chip industry is rich in downstream application scenarios, mainly covering communication, security, consumer electronics, automotive and Internet of things industries.

Power management chips widely used in electronic products and devices, which are the largest segment of analog integrated circuits. At the same time, along with the development of the Internet of Things, new energy, artificial intelligence, robotics, and other emerging application fields, the downstream market of power management chips ushered in new development opportunities. The global power management chip market will maintain a rid growth, among which the demand of the Asia-Pacific region, mainly China, is the biggest growth force in the future.

In recent years, pow the erring management has been one of the hot markets in the semiconductor field, which growth rate is higher than the overall semiconductor market development rate. However, until now, power management chip manufacturers are still dominated by Japanese enterprises and European and American manufacturers. The number of domestic manufacturers is huge, but the product quality and industrial scale still lag behind that of European and American manufacturers. Thanks to the rapid growth of portable electronic products such as smart phones, China\'s power management chip market is growing. With the expansion of application field scale and emerging application scenarios, it is expected that the market demand for power management chips will continue to grow in the next few years, and the market scale of power management chips in China is expected to exceed 24173.8 million USD in 2027.

Source: Market Monitor Co., Limited

With the lowering of the technical threshold of power management chips, more and more chip design companies are involved in this field, especially those from Taiwan and mainland China. In recent years, they have developed rapidly and achieved great success in the field of mid - and low-end power management chips. However, it also results in serious product homogeneity and fierce market competition in the middle - and low-end power management chips market, so product prices continue to fall. In the recent two years, with the improvement of the technical level of the Chinese industry, Chinese brands tend to enter the middle market, so the prices have increased compared with previous years.

Source: Market Monitor Co., Limited

With the development of the semiconductor industry, the downstream demand for mobile phones and communications, consumer electronics, industrial control, medical instruments, automotive electronics, etc., the application of power management chips are gradually increasing, promoting the improvement of the power management chip industry chain and the extension of the upstream and downstream.

In the future, the demand direction of power management chips in different fields will change due to the influence of the demand of downstream application fields. In the field of power supply, energy conversion efficiency and standby power consumption are always the core indicators. Through more advanced circuit topology technology, lower resistivity power device technology, higher switching frequency technology, more exquisite high voltage start technology, the power management chip and its power system achieve high efficiency and low power consumption requirements. In the field of consumer electronics, the thin and short power supply has always been the key demand for optimizing user experience, and the power management chip with smaller volume, higher integration and fewer peripheral devices has become the main demand direction. The input and output of the power management chip are analog signals. The introduction of the digital controller kernel realizes the digital function of the core which is difficult to be realized in a similar conventional power chip. In addition, the intellectualization of the power management chip is the general trend.

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