As the Largest Rail Transit Construction Market, China Has the Largest Demand for Shield Tunneling Machines

Shield tunneling machine (shield tunneling machine) is a kind of tunnel tunneling special engineering machinery. Modern shield machine integrates mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, optical, sensing, information technology in one, with excavation cutting soil mass, conveying ballast, assembly tunnel lining, measurement orientation correction and other functions, involving geology, civil, mechanical, mechanics, hydraulic, electrical, control, measurement and other disciplines of technology, but also according to different geological conditions for "tailored" type design and manufacturing. High reliability requirements, has been widely used in subway, railway, highway, municipal, hydropower and other tunnel projects. At present, rail transportation and subway projects are still the main downstream projects of shield machinery, accounting for 70-80%. The continuous growth of downstream demand will promote the sustainable development of shield machinery industry.

During construction, the shield tunneling machine can control the settlement of the ground and reduce the impact on the ground buildings. In the construction, it has the characteristics of fast speed, one-time forming, high degree of automation, saving manpower, little influence from the climate, and no impact on the ground traffic during construction. It is especially suitable for the construction of the long tunnel line and large depth of the shield tunneling machine, which is both economical and safe.

The diameter of 11 meters and 15 meters shield machine driving equipment (cutter head, cutter head drive) accounted for 42% and 45%, as the main cost, electrical equipment (shell and propulsion hydraulic cylinder, hinge hydraulic cylinder) and propulsion equipment (PLC, module, electric control box, etc.) are about 15%, hydraulic equipment (pump, valve, motor) value accounted for 12%, 11% respectively.

Source: Market Monitor Co., Limited

With the continuous improvement of national economic strength and social security awareness, shield tunneling machine has gradually become the mainstream construction equipment of subway, tunnel, underground pipeline corridor, etc. At present, China has formed the world\'s largest and fastest growing rail transit construction market, as well as the largest demand market for shield tunneling machines. Under the condition that the national new round of urban rail construction planning is intensively released, the demand for shield machine leasing is gradually expanding. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of the technical level of shield machine manufacturing and the increasing application in the construction field, domestic brands are rising rapidly in the competition. By 2021, domestic shield machine market share in China has exceeded 90%.

In 2015, China\'s first large-diameter railway shield machine rolled off the production line, with fully independent intellectual property rights, breaking nearly a century of foreign technology monopoly. By 2020, the domestic shield machine has gone through 18 years, from the beginning of 85% dependence on import, now exported to the world, accounting for more than two-thirds of the global market share. China has become the world\'s largest shield machine market and the largest shield machine producer. According to the data of China Construction Machinery Association Tunneling Machinery Branch, in 2020, the National People\'s Republic of China produced 655 full-section tunneling machines (including BTM).

Sources: China Construction Machinery Industry Yearbook, China Construction Machinery Industry Association, Market Monitor Co., Limited

The application of tunnel boring machine is gradually expanding from the field of urban rail transit to railway, water conservancy and hydropower, highway, municipal administration, comprehensive pipeline corridor, underground space development, energy and other fields. The market scope of application is increasingly large, and it will have broad market prospects in key regions, key fields and key projects.

With the country\'s increasingly high requirements for environmental protection, project quality and occupational health, the development of tunnel construction equipment towards automation and intelligence has become an inevitable trend of the industry. Leading enterprises have significant advantages in talents, scientific research and other aspects, and will benefit significantly. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, China shield tunneling machine industry will focus on the localization and industrialization of boring machine main bearings, core controllers, high-end seals and other short plate parts, develop large diameter horizontal and vertical driving equipment, preliminarily establish a digital twin application platform integrating tunnel operation scene and model simulation has been ed, and to build a number of industrial bases with complete machine and core parts testing capabilities.

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