With the Development of Automobiles to Intelligent, Networked and Electric, the Demand for Automobile Electronics Will Also Increase

Automotive electronics is the general term for vehicle body electronic control device and vehicle electronic control device. It is an electronic control system composed of sensors, microprocessors, actuators, electronic components and their components. The most important role of automotive electronics is to improve the safety, comfort, economy and entertainment of automobiles. The degree of automobile electrification is regarded as an important symbol to measure the level of the modern automobile.

In recent years, driven by the rapid development of China\'s automotive industry, China\'s automotive electronics industry has developed rapidly, and its strategic position and market scale have been greatly improved. In 2021, China\'s automotive electronics market scale reached 136831 million USD, with a year-on-year growth of 12%. In the future, the scale of China\'s automotive electronics industry is expected to continue to expand with the increasing penetration rate of high-end new automotive systems and the overall development of the intelligent connected automotive industry.

Sources: Automotive Industry Association, Market Monitor Co., Limited

The automotive electronics industry covers many fields. The penetration rate of the rear reversing radar market segment is 86.25%, the penetration rate of the center control screen is 85.57%, the penetration rate of the parking image system is 78.50%, and the penetration rate of the cruise system is 72.58%. In addition, the penetration rate of other market segments is relatively low, most of which are below 40%, and there is a large space for market improvement.

Driven by the four trends of Internet, entertainment, energy saving and safety, the level of automobile electrification is improving day by day, and the proportion of automobile electronics in vehicle manufacturing cost is increasing continuously, which is expected to be close to 50% in 2030.

From the perspective of production and marketing of key enterprises, in recent years, the production and sales of Huayang Group and Desai Siwei have steadily increased year by year. In 2021, the sales volume of Huayang Group is 6,254,900 sets, and the production volume is 6,099,400 sets, with a year-on-year growth of 53.52% and 45.99%. In 2021, the sales volume of Desai Siwei was 15.162 million sets, and the production volume was 15.6230 million sets, with a year-on-year growth of 30.02% and 33.49%.

Source: Market Monitor Co., Limited

With the continuous development of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, 5G communication, the Internet of vehicles and other technologies, as well as the continuous improvement of relevant infrastructure in China, several emerging key technologies have begun to be applied in the automotive field. These technologies will continue to promote the rapid development of the automotive industry and drive the development of traditional vehicles to intelligent connected vehicles. At the same time, with the development of batteries, motors, electric control, new materials and other technologies, new energy vehicles have competitive advantages in car purchase cost and travel cost, which will promote new energy vehicles to gradually replace traditional fuel vehicles and accelerate the process of automobile electrification. Therefore, with the development of intelligent, networked and electricized vehicles, the demand for automotive electronics will also increase, thus promoting the rapid growth of the automotive electronics market.

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