Pulp-Molding Machinery Market Revenue Will Reach $505 Million in 2023

Pulp-molding machinery is a type of mechanical equipment that processes pulp raw materials into paper. It usually includes several main parts such as pulping, forming, pressing, and drying, as well as a series of water and gas supply systems, which have the advantages of high efficiency, high output, and low cost.
Overview of Global Pulp-moulding Machinery Market Development and Analysis of Segmented Markets
With the increasing demand for paper quality and quantity, pulp-molding machinery has been widely used in the papermaking industry. At the same time, with the continuous development of technology, the efficiency and output of pulp-molding machinery are also constantly improving, and the paper production industry further promotes the development of the paper industry. According to our research data, the total revenue of the global pulp-molding machinery market is expected to reach $505 million in 2023 and is expected to continue to increase to $649 million by 2027.
According to the difference in operating methods, pulp-molding machinery can be divided into three categories: automatic, semi-automatic, and manual forming machinery. Among them, automatic pulp-molding machinery dominates the market. Based on our data, the estimated revenue of the global automatic pulp-molding machinery segment in 2023 is $434 million, with a market share of 85.99%. From the perspective of downstream application patterns, the food and beverage industry is the largest downstream application market for pulp-molding machinery. According to our data, the revenue share of pulp-molding machinery in the food and beverage sector is expected to reach 53.93% in 2023.

Global Pulp-Molding Machinery Market Revenue Forecast and Market Segmentation Analysis  

Global Pulp-Molding Machinery Market Revenue Forecast and Market Segmentation Analysis

Source: www.globalmarketmonitor.com
Analysis of Market Competition Pattern
From the perspective of market competition, the concentration of the global pulp-molding machinery market is low. According to our research data, the total revenue of the pulp-molding machinery market of the top 3 enterprises in the industry in 2020 was $69 million, with a total market share of only 16.51%. The top three companies were Guangzhou Nanya Pulp Molding Equipment, HGHY Pulp Molding Pack, and Beston. In 2020, these three companies accounted for 6.79%, 5.02%, and 4.70% of the global market revenue in the pulp-molding machinery market, respectively.

Pulp-Molding Machinery Revenue and Share of Main Enterprises in 2020


Market Revenue (Million USD)

Market Share

Guangzhou Nanya Pulp Molding Equipment



HGHY Pulp Molding Pack









Source: www.globalmarketmonitor.com

Market Development Trend Analysis

Digital transformation:With the continuous development of Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing, digital transformation has become an important trend in the global pulp-molding machinery market. Major companies are introducing technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence into pulp-molding machinery to improve production efficiency and product quality.

Environmental protection and sustainable development:With the continuous improvement of global environmental awareness, environmental protection, and sustainable development will become important development directions in the global pulp-molding machinery market. Major companies are developing pulp-molding machinery with low energy consumption, low emissions, and high efficiency to reduce its impact on the environment.

Personalization and customization:With the continuous changes in consumer demand, the trend of personalization and customization will become increasingly apparent. Major enterprises are developing customized products and technologies that can meet the needs of different customers to enhance market competitiveness.

Globalization and localization:With the development of globalization, the global pulp-molding machinery market has become a unified market. Major companies are strengthening their globalization strategies to increase market share and reduce costs. At the same time, to meet the market demands and cultural differences of different countries and regions, major companies are also strengthening their localization strategies to provide better products and services.

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