Global Bridal Wear Market Size will Reach $18.41 Billion in 2023

Global Bridal Wear Market Overview

According to Global Market Monitor, the global bridal wear market size will reach $18.41 billion in 2023 with a CAGR of 3.7% from 2023 to 2028.

Bridal wear is made up of different fabric and texture that helps to make gowns more comfortable and stylish. Bridal gowns are available in different shapes and designs such as mermaid and tea-length wedding dresses that have unique and attractive shapes. The market has shown significant growth in the last few years as people are willing to spend more on wedding apparel.

Asia Pacific Dominates the Bridal Wear Market.

Asia Pacific is one of the largest and fastest-growing bridal gown markets. The rising middle class, increasing disposable income, and changing cultural norms are contributing to the growth of the bridal gown market in this region. The large population and lots of weddings each year further drive the demand for bridal gowns. Countries such as China and India dominate the wedding dress market and emerging markets such as Southeast Asia have increasing growth potential. These markets are experiencing rapid urbanization, changing consumer preferences, and growing demand for Western-style weddings, thereby driving the demand for bridal gowns.The growing millennial population in the region is estimated to accelerate market growth. Further, a growing trend in fashion and an increasing number of fashion designers is expected to boost market growth during the forecast period. 

Global Bridal Wear Market Size and Regional Share

Market SWOT Analysis

Growing awareness of dressing sense and looks are projected to boost product demand. Further, rising innovation and creativity to create unique and aesthetic outfits for the wedding day are predicted to accelerate the wedding wear market growth. An increasing number of fashion designers globally is estimated to fuel product demand. Different fashion designers introduce different traditional outfits with a modern touch to attract potential customers. During the 18th and 19th centuries, bridal dresses were simple and their innovation was in the form of sleeves, length, and shapes. However, today's bridal wear is theme-based and bridal gowns vary from bridal choice.

High costs associated with the product are expected to restrict market growth. Wedding outfits are not multiple use and can be worn only during the wedding day is estimated to hamper product demand. Furthermore, the presence of alternatives such as renting wedding wear is anticipated to limit the market growth during the forecast period.


A large number of millennials keep entering the age of marriage.

Growing investment in bridal gowns across cultures

Different traditions around the world require changing multiple bridal wear on the wedding day.


Lack of skilled technicians

Decorations are quite expensive.

Higher initial investment costs


The development of e-commerce and the increasing use of social media

The growing influence of celebrity wedding dresses

The rapid growth of disposable income in emerging countries


Changes in labor costs and raw material costs

Fierce competition from international companies

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