Global Helium Market Size is Estimated to Reach $5399 Million in 2023

Helium is a chemical element with the symbol He and atomic number 2. It is a colorless and odorless gas at room temperature and pressure. Helium exists in the entire universe, accounting for 23% by mass, second only to hydrogen. But in nature, it mainly exists in natural gases or radioactive ores. In the Earth's atmosphere, the concentration of helium is very low, only one in 52000. Due to its inactive chemical properties, helium is often used as a protective gas and dilution gas.
The global reserves of helium are mainly concentrated in countries such as Russia, Qatar, and the United States. These countries have a large number of natural gas fields, and the helium content in natural gas is relatively high. In addition, some liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects have also become important sources of helium. In recent years, due to the development and application of new technologies, the efficiency of helium extraction and production has been improved, and the supply has also been steadily increasing.
Overview of Global Helium Market Development and Analysis of Segmented Markets
According to our research data, the global helium market size is expected to reach $5399 million in 2023. In the coming years, with the increasing demand for helium in various downstream high-tech applications such as high-precision cooling, leak detection, and magnetic resonance imaging, the market will continue to expand. It is expected that the global helium market size will increase to $6686 billion by 2027.
According to different forms, the helium market can be further divided into the gaseous helium market and the liquid helium market. Among them, the gaseous helium segment market dominates. Data shows that the global gaseous helium consumption is expected to reach 22635 tons in 2023, with an estimated market size of $3307 million and an estimated market size of 61.25%.
From the perspective of downstream applications, as an important strategic resource, helium has extremely wide applications, covering many fields such as healthcare, electronics & semiconductors, aerospace, scientific research, pipeline leak detection, metal manufacturing, deep-sea diving, etc. Especially in the fields of healthcare, electronics & semiconductors, aerospace, etc., the demand for helium is particularly prominent. Data shows that the global market size for helium used in the healthcare sector will reach $1915 million in 2023, with an estimated market share of 35.48%.

Global Helium Market Size Forecast and Market Share by Application  

Global Helium Market Size Forecast and Market Share by Application

Global Helium Market Competition Pattern Analysis
From the perspective of market competition, the concentration of the global helium market is relatively high. Data shows that in 2020, the total sales of helium by the top 3 enterprises in the industry reached 16890 tons, with a total market revenue of 2527 million and a total revenue share of 56.03%. The top 3 companies were Linde, Exxon, and Air Products. In 2020, the three companies accounted for 24.70%, 118.61%, and 11.63% of the global helium market revenue, respectively.

Helium Sales, Market Revenue, and Share Statistics of Main Enterprises in 2020


Sales (Tons)

Market Revenue (Million USD)

Market Share









Air Products









Prediction of the Global Helium Market Development Trend

The demand for high-purity helium is increasing: With the development of high-tech fields, the demand for high-purity helium is constantly increasing. In the future, the production and use of high-purity helium will become an important trend in the global helium market.

Emerging markets are developing rapidly: With the development of the economy and technological advancements, the demand for helium in emerging markets will continue to increase. In the future, emerging markets will become an important driving force for the global helium market.

Environmental protection and sustainable development: With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and sustainable development, the global helium market will also focus on environmental protection and sustainable development. In the future, environmentally friendly and sustainable production methods will become an important trend in the global helium market.

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