Global Industrial Touchscreen Market Size Will Reach $1513 Million in 2023

An industrial touchscreen is a computer or mobile device with touch sensing function, which can be used in conjunction with industrial controllers, industrial displays, and other devices to achieve human-machine interaction function. Industrial touchscreens typically have high reliability, stability, and precision, and are commonly used in fields such as industrial automation, robotics, and mechanical equipment to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and improve product quality.
Overview of Global Industrial Touchscreen Market Development and Analysis of Segmented Markets
In recent years, thanks to the rapid development of technologies such as intelligence, automation, and human-computer interaction, the demand for industrial touchscreens worldwide has steadily increased. According to our research data, the global industrial touchscreen market is expected to reach $1513 million in 2023 and increase to $1564 million by 2025.
Based on different induction methods, industrial touchscreens can be divided into several categories: resistive, capacitive, surface acoustic, and infrared. Among them, resistive touch screens and capacitive touch screens dominate the market. Data shows that the global market share of resistive and capacitive industrial touch screens is expected to reach 51.75% and 45.74% respectively in 2023.
From the perspective of downstream application patterns, the manufacturing industry is the largest downstream application market for industrial touchscreens. Data shows that the estimated application scale of industrial touchscreens in the manufacturing industry in 2023 is $911 million, with a market share of 60.21%.

Global Industrial Touchscreen Market Size Forecast and Market Segmentation Analysis  

Analysis of the Development of Industrial Touchscreen Markets in Major Regions/Countries
Research shows that the United States is the world's largest revenue market for industrial touch screens. In 2023, the estimated revenue scale of the US industrial touch screen market is $575 million, with an estimated market share of 38.00%; The European market is expected to rank second with a share of 36.68%, and the estimated revenue scale of the industrial touch screen market in 2023 is $555 million; Japan is expected to rank third with a share of 11.57%.

Global Industrial Touchscreen Market Size and Share Forecast by Region/Country in 2023


Market Revenue (Million USD)

Market Share
















South America



Middle East & Africa




Market Outlook and Trend Analysis

In the coming years, the global industrial touchscreen market will continue to maintain a rapid growth trend. On the one hand, with the popularization and application of concepts such as Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing, industrial touch screens as key human-computer interaction devices will be more widely used; On the other hand, with the continuous progress of technology and the expansion of application fields, industrial touch screens will have higher reliability and stability, which can meet the needs of various complex environments.

For more industry information, please refer to our latest released "China Industrial Touchscreen Industry Market Research Report 2023-2029".

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